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Stainless Steel Reactor


        Reactor pressure vessel used mainly to complete physical, chemical reaction, for example the reactor, the oxidation reactor, the decomposition reactor, the polymerization reactor, such crystallization reactor. Our company can produce the volume of 80m ³, pressure 10MPa, the weight of a single large reactor 100T's. Electric heating, steam, oil, infrared, etc.; jacket cooling mode, the outer coil and cooling coil inside the kettle, rpm 0 ~ 1000r/min frequency control. Stirring blades can be any optional form according to user requirements. Material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, dual-phase steel and composite materials.
        The seal in the form of the reactor can be divided into: packing seal, mechanical seal and magnetic seal.
        According to the manufacturing structure of the reactor can be divided into flat lid open reactor, open butt Dafa blue reactor and closed reactor into three categories, each structure has its scope and the advantages and disadvantages.

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