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Drum Flaker is a cooling crystallization process, the molten material intraday material in contact with the cooling of the drum, the drum surface material film formed through the wall of the drum membrane material heat, so that the material of film cooling, crystallization, crystallization the membrane material is scraped scraper, a sheet product.
Drum drying is done by turning the drum to heat the way the material will be attached to the outer wall of the drum or belt material for a continuous operation of heating and drying process.

Performance reached the international level
With a side scraper, avoiding the drum side end product material
Compact structure, small footprint
Half-pipe jacketed trays, safe and reliable
Atomized cooling, cooling effect
CVT, speed adjustable drum
High precision drum
Adapt to a wide range of simple, flexible
Using multiple sets of blade, flexible adjustment
Versatile, can be dried either sheeting

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